Film VFX

We love filmmaking! So when it comes to creative ideas and visualizing them, our talented film department  is ready to step in. With heavy focus on creature and character work we can deliver the most complicated sequences with an amazing quality. Our pipeline allows us to achieve this quickly while also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to achieve in CG.


Nowadays TV series require as much visual love as films do. This is why we use our knowledge and expertise and treat your ideas with the same level of detail. Our strong and efficient pipeline, adapts to every type of projects and budget, and quality is always guaranteed.

Advertising VFX

We dive and explore the world of advertising for our global partners and clients. Using the knowledge and the experience we gained throughout the years, we can deliver high-end results of the highest quality. Our multitalented creative team can come up with an idea or simply help develop and visualize yours in the best possible way, and our global pipeline helps us to stay efficient without sacrificing the quality.

Character Design

At Worldwide FX UK we specialize on the creation of high-end creatures. Whether making photo-realistic animals, digital actors, fantastic characters or horrendous monsters, we take concepting to the next level through quick 3D sculpting and texturing, so that the client is able to see their idea developing into a visual product in a fairly short amount of time.

Character Build

Once a concept has been approved, the asset team can start building the asset for production. The processes of modelling, texturing, lookdev and grooming require a great amount of artistic and technical execution skills. From the creature’s size and shape to the appearance of its surfaces, this is where every pore and every hair strand is added to provide an asset of the highest detail, ready to be animated and rendered.

2D Compositing

Combining multiple source images, such as asset renders of full CG characters, environments and FX together with the live action plates, our compositors produce a high-end photorealistic product for the client. This is where a shot gets the last chance to be changed before it’s sent off for DI and screening!

Filming Sets

Our Bulgaria studio has a huge variety of urban settings and locations, with buildings ranging from grand and ancient to extremely modern, all within or near to Sofia. The sheer diversity, coupled with our experience in obtaining filming permission, gives us a competitive edge on most other European studios. Some of the sets and locations include:

  • London
  • New York
  • Roman Sets
  • Middle East
  • Ancient Village
  • American Villas
  • Forest Sets

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Underwater Stage

Completed in February 2018, our underwater stage is the largest underwater filming facility in Europe.

The viewing gallery houses a glass-viewing window of 2m by 1.5m.

The tank also has a built in Skimmer system for removing surface dust and impurities.

The main area has a 5m floor working area space around the tank with a 10-ton Bridge crane and 13m working height to the underside of the overhead Gantries.

There are three large access doors for loading and off loading of equipment.


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Motion Capture

Send us a picture and we bring it to life. We model, rig, and capture your actors movement and deliver the data edited for you to plug into any environment you choose.
At our studio in Sofia, Bulgaria we have a state of the art Vicon Motion Capture Stage complete with an amazing crew of talented editors to provide an end to end solution for your project.


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